1 Litre Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Cylinder with Tap


Encased in an elegantly crafted cylindrical container, our exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil is painstakingly protected to preserve its luxuriant taste.

Delight in the rich, unspoiled essence of our 1-litre tap box, a representation of our earnest devotion to quality and excellence.

Our pioneering packaging design safeguards the oil from oxidation and deleterious light exposure, extending the joy of decanting this liquid gold into your culinary creations.

This splendidly presented packaging not only serves as a testament to the oil’s supreme quality but also transforms it into a perfect gift item.

Every drop from our revered 5-star Olive Oil farm is an affirmation of our dedication to bringing the best from our orchards to your table, all while upholding our promise of freshness and remarkable flavour.

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